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The next generation of construction.

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A building project should be something you look forward to. Not something to be endured.

The industry gets a bad reputation sometimes. Builders who say all the right words to get a job and clients who get the same old thing - poor communication, no transparency, no accountability, corner cutting, cost and schedule overruns, and finger pointing. The project might still limp across the finish line after a long drawn out process, but at what cost?

We provide something different.

The Nexgeneral Way


Early Collaboration with Team

We facilitate early collaboration between construction and design teams to ensure everyone is working within your budget & timeline.


A Design for Your Budget

No surprises along the way. Your budget & long-term success guide every decision we make.


Clear Communication

You will never be in the dark. Clear, consistent, caring communication guides every project.


Our clients = our partners.

It’s our job to alleviate your stress, solve problems that arise during the construction process, and work hand in hand with you to bring your vision to life on time and within your budget.

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Medical clinics, Churches, Zoo exhibits, and The world’s largest cheese factory… our team has worked on a wide range of complex projects.

We want to use our experience to add value to the Central Valley and the humans who reside here through innovative, beautiful building projects.

California Armenian Home

Dennis Bacopulos, California Armenian Home

There is no better company for guaranteeing that our development and construction are continually running efficiently on schedule and budget with the highest quality and care.

Based on our experience, NexGeneral displays a high level of professionalism, experience, dedication and commitment to quality.  They do an exceptional job of cultivating a teamwork-oriented atmosphere and work well with the project team to find solutions to problems and overcome numerous challenges during the course of construction. NexGen understands many of the unique rules, regulations and procedures that come along with large scale master plan developments.

We highly recommend NexGeneral as a General Contractor.


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